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Dodford Childrens Holiday Farm

A Different World - Making a Difference



Here are a few of the comments we have recceived from families and schools:

"My son was like a completely different child and he has not stopped talking about Dodford since returning home"


"I did not want to go home, Staff are amazing and I really feel that this break at Dodford has given my children a new outlook on life"


"The encouragement was good, there was no pressure at Dodford Farm - it was really fantastic"


"A big positive concerned one boy in particular: snce his visit he is more outgoing, starts conversations, givens more eye contact and interacts much better with the other children and staff" [Selly Oak Nursery School]


"The farm is really well quipped with everything a young child needs - space, toys, paddling pool, climbing equipment, animals large and small, the list goes on" [Heathfield Primary School]


"Thank you for providing such a fabulous resource.  It is very difficult to find places suitable and accommodating for a group of pupils with autism and challenging behaviours" [Reynalds Cross Special school]