Dodford Childrens Holiday Farm - Giving children a positive experience of the countryside since 1950

Thank You ...

September 2016
September 2016

for raising £835 at your carols evening

January 2016

For raising £420.61 at your carols evening

January 2016

For chosing us to receive a £100 gift card as part of your 100th store opening celebrations.  We are very grateful and will spend it wisely.

August 2015

Welcome to Dodford Children's Holiday Farm

We are a small, registered children's charity in Worcestershire, offering holidays and short breaks on our farm to children who are less fortunate than most and particularly those living in deprived areas. Some of the children who come to stay with us are disabled or have special needs Most of the children are disadvantaged by their situation; Schools can come for a residential stay or day visit, families are referred by their social worker, health visitor, GP or community worker.

Do you have a 'Wish List'?

Yes we do - we'd be very grateful if someone could fund or donate any of the following items :

  • Mobile display boards
  • Childrens riding hats
  • Children’s John Deere ride-on tractors
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