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Dodford Childrens Farm

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We've got all sorts of animals from guinea pigs to donkeys for the children to interact with

Although Dodford is not a working farm, there are a number of animals including donkeys, sheep, pigs, rabbits, chickens, guinea pigs and goats. Feeding the animals is a must and donkey rides are extremely popular with residential children as is collecting the chicken and duck eggs every morning.

Picture 1 Barry and Rebecca
Picture 2 Miniature Shetland - Frizbe
Picture 3 Our donkeys, Snowy, Sunny and Star
Picture 4 Guinea Pig and bunny group
Picture 5 Jack the Miniature Shetland
Picture 6 Simple the Sheep
Picture 7 Rio the Goat
Picture 8 Ruby and Retro - piglets in Summer 2017
Picture 9 Barry is one of the old-timers!
Picture 10 We all love Springtime!
Picture 11 Very majestic Rio
Picture 12 Beautiful hens of different breeds
Picture 13 Happy animals!
Picture 14 They love a camera!
Picture 15 Cute, small furries
Picture 16 Jack and Frizbe